Tajikistan - Illegal Issues of Postage Stamps



Berne, 17 June 2002

International Bureau Circular


Dear Sir/Madam

The postal administration of TAJIKISTAN asks me to inform you of the following:

ďAs a member of the Universal Postal Union, the postal administration of Tajikistan issues postage stamps in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention and the Letter Post Regulations.

"However, a growing number of illegal issues, produced in the name of the postal administration of Tajikistan, are available on philatelic markets worldwide. The themes selected for these issues are popular with the general public: politicians, famous athletes, Hollywood stars, etc.

"All these issues produced in the name of the Republic of Tajikistan should be considered as illegal. They have nothing to do with the Post and cannot be used for prepayment.

"These forgeries are being made by private companies outside Tajikistan.

"The dissemination of these illicit issues causes serious moral and economic damage to the Republic of Tajikistan and discredits the postal service of Tajikistan in the eyes of the international philatelic community, with the result that collectors avoid buying not only illegal issues but also absolutely legal ones."

The list of illegal issues produced in the name of Tajikistan is attached.

Yours faithfully,


Director of Communication and

Postal Markets


List of illegal issues produced in the name of Tajikistan

1          John Paul II (sheetlets of 6 stamps)

2          Bruce Lee (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

3          Queen Mother's hundredth birthday (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

4          Formula 1 (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

5          Michael Jordan, basketball player (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

6          Captain America  (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

7          Fantastic Four (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

8          Harry Potter (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

9          Osama bin Laden (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

10        Motor sport (sheetlets of 9 stamps)

11        Royal Wedding in the Netherlands (sheetlets of 9 stamps)


More information about the illegal issues can be obtained directly from the UPU, Mrs. Maria Libera.

Published: 06/21/2002. Revised: 06/21/02.
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